Noam Andrews
Noam is deeply interested in history and its numerous intersections with contemporary culture. To that end, his work aims to span multiple cultural institutions, publics, and disciplines, in service of the belief that we move forward by looking backwards and that good ideas, whenever they arrive, should be allowed to find their way into the media forms which are most natural for them. Noam holds degrees from Cornell, the AA, the London Consortium, and Harvard, and has exhibited and published internationally.

Noam is the Executive Vice President of The Andrews Organization and sits on the Board of Directors of Performa, a New York-based multi-disciplinary arts organization.

René Barownick
René is a social scientist interested in space and the aesthetic imagination. He has taught in various capacities at the Architectural Association, and has consulted government, universities and corporations on design strategy. René holds degrees from the Cities Programme at the London School of Economics and the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

René is the director of Duane Park, a London-based design consultancy.